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TSX Support System

        >> The web application for your customer support needs <<


Enhance and facilitate your customer support via a web based support system that meets your quality and CD principles.























Face to face customer support is time and cost consuming. outsourcing of customer support services is cost intensive as well and furthermore the results are less in quality. Consequently major enterprises and concerns operate special support portal applications for the interaction with its customers, retailers and partners. The development of such solutions require considerable development effort and implementation time.

The TSX Support System is a solution for your customer support needs that can be implemented and set into operation quite fast but still gives you the opportunity to keep the quality of your customer support at the highest level.

The main features of TSX Support System:

  • Individually adjustable web portal solution dedicated for all customer support needs
  • Integrated knowledge database, containing answers to all known questions and problems
  • Download area with manuals, brochures, checklists, software, updates and additional tools
  • Engines for subscription, identification and search
  • Individual user profiles can be generated
  • Dedicated user access rights concept
  • Multi-Language capable
  • Runs on all common operating and database systems
  • Statistical functions and analysis
  • Adjustable to meet CI and CD guidelines
  • Maintenance via web interface
  • Extensibility to meet future requirements

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