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        >> Application for collaboration, project management and operation<<


The main features of BASE4 are a fully fledged information management system and collaborative working no matter where the respective team members are located.



Features BASE4 (PDF, 100kB, german)

BASE4 in the press (PDF, 800kB, german)

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The unique selling proposition of BASE4 in comparison to other similar applications is the collaboration functionality. That gives employees, team members etc. the basis to work together on a project or any process no matter where the respective person is located. BASE4 provides opportunities to small and medium sized companies which so far only have been reserved to big enterprises and concerns.

The main features of BASE4:

  • Individually adjustable solution for operational and organizational tasks
  • Integrated information and document management system
  • Project management system with analysis functionality, history of data and analysis on a daily basis
  • Activity based costing
  • Integrated contact management system via interaction with MS Exchange/MS Outlook
  • Installed interfaces to the most common MS Office applications
  • Smart web front ends allow data- retrieval and –exchange anytime and anywhere
  • Dedicated user rights concept
  • Scalable to future demands

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