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Application development


New applications should be embedded seamlessly into existing and future system environments as well into the entire business processes.





At the beginning of each application development project, our experienced developers assess the entire system environment of the client for a consistent IT and application architecture. New internet-, intranet- or extranet-applications should be embedded harmonically in existing and future system environments. This approach guaranties highest efficiency for the respective client.

A functional specification for each project is mandatory and will be discussed in depth with the client. This step is essential, keeps system revisions at a minimum and guaranties that the costs for the project do not exceed the projected amount.

Our software and application development team is experienced in any step of large projects. We follow a proven project-model with detailed description of each step so that the programming-effort will be minimized and maintenance and adjustments at a later stage will be optimized. To ensure the highest quality EVOLT operates as general contractor in case of employment of third party vendors.

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