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Chances of the evolution

        >> The opportunities the internet offers grow day by day <<



The internet evolves more and more into an instrument to bring suppliers and customers together – more transparent, faster and more efficient than ever.
















Terms like e-business and e-commerce are already quite common, but the internet offers a great variety of opportunities which go far further though. In the near future hardly any company will be competitive without using web technologies.

The web becomes more and more the most important instrument for the dialog between vendors and customers and, therefore, will permanently change traditional business structures and processes. Additionally, company wide processes are being carried out faster and more transparent trough the intranet.

EVOLT was founded assisting to benefit from the chances of the internet. Check out, using the interactive chart to see the status of the internet evolution of your company.


  The e-Business Evolution  

Explore the steps of the internet evolution with your mouse.

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